Opps makes use of as few libraries as possible (apart from a standard Django environment), with the following dependencies

  • Python 2.7
  • Django >= 1.5
  • Python Imaging Library - for image resizing
  • South - for database migrations
  • Django Taggit
  • Django Mptt


  • Write in Django
  • Containar manager (container is content type in Opps CMS)
    • Save draft and and preview
    • Dynamic custom field, add field in specific container
  • WYSIWYG editing (more one option)
  • Container Box manager (Custom channel home page, add dynamic/fix box)
  • Channel organize via tree (via mptt, not level limit)
  • Media file manager, default manager images
    • Multi upload
  • User permission in Admin, manager site access on admin
  • Configurable dashboard (used grappelli admin theme)
  • API for custom container types
  • Search engine
  • Multi-Site
  • SEO friendly URLs and meta data
  • Mobile detect
  • JVM compatible (via Jython)
  • .NET Framework compatible (via IronPython)

Browser Support

Opps’s admin (used Django Grappelli) interface works with all modern browsers.

Language Translations

Opps makes full use of translation strings, which allow Opps to be translated into multiple languages using Django’s internationalization methodology. Translations are managed on the Transiflex website but can also be submitted via GitHub. Consult the documentation for Django’s internationalization methodology for more information on creating translations and using them.